Why Precast concrete images


Precast, why?

Design flexibility

The use of precast concrete elements allows the designer to steer away from the heavy, monolithic image associated with the construction material in the past.

Precast pieces allow us to provide a lively, light and elegant design by using high strength prestressed concrete to minimise the depth and cross-section sizes, thereby making the structure slender to a degree that would be unthinkable with traditional solutions.

Rapid installation

One of the goals we set for ourselves in designing a precast structure is that the tasks that must be done on-site should be simple and repetitive. Therefore, as these operations are done regularly, our assembly teams are perfectly trained to perform them, leading to assembly times that are much shorter than any other traditional construction method. Moreover, in conjunction with specialised companies, we have developed a broad range of certified joints between precast elements that provide simple solutions to problems that, in the past, took much more time to implement.

Low cost

As a result of creating a construction project that takes the best advantage of the capacities of precast concrete, efficient, high-quality manufacturing and optimised transport to the work site and assembly designed to minimise the number of on-site operations, the cost of a project designed with precast concrete is considerably lower than that of a traditionally designed one.

Production controls

The precast concrete elements are manufactured at production plants with strict technical controls and standardised procedures, so that the elements attained are always of much higher quality than those manufactured on-site. This fact can be verified by the strength and durability of the precast structures, even in the most demanding service conditions.

Sustainable manufacturing

The raw materials used to produce the precast concrete elements can be attained a short distance away from our production centres. In addition, many of these elements are manufactured with waste products that would otherwise be thrown away. Furthermore, precast concrete elements can easily be demolished and subsequently reused as aggregates. For all these reasons, the precast concrete industry is environmentally friendly and clearly contributes to making the best use of natural resources.

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