Refinery Racks in La Rábida (Spain)

Refinery Racks in La Rábida (Spain)
  • Sector: Oil & Gas

In this project, racks are used to support the complex grid of pipes at refineries that are necessary for crude oil treatment process.

8 rack modules were built with a standard 8.8 m portal which is repeated every 6.0 m. In height, there are 12 different levels of column-beam grids joined with isostatic or statically indeterminate hubs. Depending on the elevation, the columns and beams contain a large number of metal plates that will subsequently serve to attach the pipe ducts.

Due to the heavy loads which the structure is submitted to (gravity, wind and earthquake) and how slender they must appear, these structures are braced both lengthwise and crosswise, and therefore the assembly process requires careful planning.

project Data

  • Client: CEPSA
  • Owner: CEPSA
  • Year of completion: 2009
  • Importe Contratado a Pacadar: €10,500,000.00 
  • Products provided: beams and columns
  • Precast volume: 13,000 m³

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