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Residential & Institutional Construction

PACADAR’s Building Construction Division has been developing all sorts of structures for residential and institutional construction for the last two decades, thanks to its wide range of building construction products. Projects as diverse as the following have been carried out using precast concrete:

  • High-rise housing and multi-family housing.
  • Office buildings.
  • Shopping and recreational centres.
  • Theatres, Sports Centres, Buildings for Exhibitions and Fairs.
  • Car parks, Underground Circular Roads, and Metro Stations.
  • Hotels, Schools, Penitentiary Facilities and Funeral Service Buildings.
  • Underground or Surface Tanks.
  • Desalination Plants, Water Purification Plants, Water Treatment Plants, Sewage Treatment Plants and Ecoparks.
  • Nursing homes, Hospitals and Health Centres.
  • Airports, Marinas, Marshlands.
  • Others

We are able to handle tailor-made projects as well as totally standard projects, designing and calculating the structure with a wide range of sections for all the elements that make up the structure. Thus, the following are some of our elements that are commonly used for this type of structures:

  • Any kind of columns
  • Rectangular and ribbed load bearing walls, as well as retaining walls.
  • V- Beams (Rectangular, L- and T-shaped, dual-slope, double-T, V-shaped and Y-shaped).
  • Hollow-core slabs with a depth from 16 to 63 cm.
  • Reinforced, prestressed slabs.
  • Pi-shaped beams.
  • Moulded and tubular purlins.
  • Hollow-core enclosures.
  • Architectural panel of different types of concrete, finish and surface treatment.

And why not? We take the challenge for any other kind of element you require for your project.

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