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Technical Design & Engineering

Tailored Precast Structure Projects

One of Grupo PACADAR’s differentiating factors in its commercial offer is the technical support provided to its customers. This technical support is given by our Technical Office, which is entirely devoted to the improvement of projects and provides design and calculation tasks aimed at optimizing the precast concrete solutions offered to customers.

This Technical Office works on two directions: on the one hand, at the request of our customers, it deals with projects designed to be executed on-site and adjusts them to precast solutions that are simpler, cheaper and quicker to implement. On the other hand, as regards projects already designed in precast concrete, it seeks the improvement and optimisation of solutions by including more efficient elements or parts with a better structural performance and which are easier to transport and assemble. In other words, the design of the structure is enhanced in order to obtain a more cost-effective structure which is also adjusted to the external load conditions and to the usefulness of the project.

Furthermore, PACADAR checks the calculations for all the structures it manufactures, thus contributing to the compliance with the calculation safety regulations and guaranteeing that all the precast concrete elements produced by PACADAR comply entirely with the calculation regulations in force, without handing anything over to third parties.

In addition, and within the international development strategy carried out by PACADAR, our technical staff is familiar with the use of the most commonly used international standards for concrete calculation, such as Eurocodes, British Steel or AASHTO standards. Not only that, but its technical staff is also used to studying and implementing the specific local standards to be applied in every single country where the company is operating.

PACADAR is the heir of the know-how and expertise that both its founders and first engineers acquired and developed over PACADAR's history, and so the building companies hiring us attach a great value to this technical knowledge as one of our main assets.

Since its establishment, PACADAR has based its industrial manufacturing process on the technical support provided by this Department, which is actively present in the institutions responsible for drafting the Spanish standards and specifications, and also in the groups which develop European product standards.

Engineering is supported by both in-house developed and commercial software programmes, as well as technical applications. Furthermore, graphic workstations are used for developing manufacturing drawings as well as 3D modelling works for visualizing the designs created in-house.

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