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Commercial & Industrial Construction

Precast concrete, as a construction technique, has major benefits for industrial and commercial construction, e.g. speed, durability, resistance, versatility, etc. We have to bear in mind that, with the current technological breakthroughs in concrete techniques and in solutions for inner reinforcement, as well as with the different technical solutions for joining elements, Grupo Pacadar has been able to develop unique and extraordinary structures, apart from high-rise buildings and inner spans without intermediary columns, thus enabling an optimal use of the indoor spaces.

Some examples of commercial construction in the last few years:

  • Shopping Centre Rivas Futuras, Rivas Vaciamadrid, Madrid Shopping Centre
  • Shopping Centre Portal de la Marina, Ondara, Alicante
  • Centre Cinesa Manoteras, Madrid

Some examples of industrial construction in the last few years:

  • Bottling, packing and distribution plant for COCA-COLA in Barcelona.
  • Industrial logistics centre in Puerta de Madrid, San Fernando de Henares, Madrid
  • RDI Centre for Nanomechanics and Precision Optics, in Technological Park, Alcala de Henares.

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