Desigual Logistics Centre, Barcelona (Spain)

Desigual Logistics Centre, Barcelona (Spain)

The most distinctive feature of the project is that the solution adopted is a mixed structure of on-site cast concrete, which requires great control in the execution of works, and precast concrete, manufactured in a facility with the latest technology in the field of industrial construction.

The part of the work executed with on-site cast concrete is:

  • The basement
  • The structural floor of the ground, first and the second floor, and their correspondent columns.

As for the columns that were executed on-site on the first and the second floor, the precast concrete columns are pulling out from them. They support the rest of the precast structure. To join them both, a mixed system of screws and sheaths with reinforcing bars is used.

The light deck is made up of precast concrete, in particular, double-T beams (32 m of width and 12.5 m of pitch) and purlins.

The structural floor of the office areas is made up of beams and hollow-core slabs. The building enclosure is made up of precast wall panels, which are attached to the columns due to the number of continuous windows that were a part of design of the building. Their objective was to take advantage of natural light. They are 20 cm thick, lightweight, finished with smooth grey concrete on the face side, with a maximum length of 13 m.

Programme Data

  • Owner: DESIGUAL
  • Year of completion: 2015
  • Contract value: 879.000 €
  • Products provided: columns, beams, ribs, wall panels and hollow-core slabs
  • Precast volume: 1,945 m³

Solutions applied

  • Español (ES)
  • English (UK)