Precast concrete as an environmentally friendly material

PACADAR SA has obtained the environmental certification ISO 14001-2004, thanks to its policy and good practice that the company integrates as a fundamental part in the development of its processes.

This certificate guarantees compliance with the guidelines of the UNE-EN-ISO-9001: 2008 and UNE-EN-ISO-14001: 2004, as well as with the legal and regulatory requirements, apart from those by customers to increase its satisfaction.

This system enforces strong policy on recycling of materials such as water, oil, batteries, or paper. As part of our now Integrated Management System, we have in place an annual management programme which sets out targets to be achieved every year. However, dust and noise levels, electricity and water usage, diesel consumption are examined on an ongoing basis.

Investment in technology has resulted in reduced carbon emissions within the production facilities. The construction of a monorail system around the factory for the distribution of concrete to moulds means there is little to no need of trucks being used within the limits of the factory. All our batching/mixing plants in operation use exact measurements, therefore reducing wastage to a minimum.

We have consulted and involved our staff in this ongoing process while we continue seeking new ideas for conservation, recycling and reinstatement so that PACADAR becomes an even more environmentally friendly company in a cost-effective way.


PACADAR has engineered, manufactured, and erected all kind of structures decks for more than 70 years. Our systems allow for speedy construction, low-maintenance, and cost-efficiency, not to mention the durability and strength of precast, prestressed concrete compared to other systems. We offer assistance that includes preliminary designs, accurate schedules, and price quotation. Our engineering services span from the conceptual stage to final construction. The wide variety of solutions we offer are just some of the many ways in which PACADAR can help you with your next project.

PACADAR precast and prestressed concrete elements are widely used in building and civil works, hotels, hospitals, car parks, shopping centres, viaducts, roads, bridges where the repetitive use of standard components manufactured in a factory can be comprehensively used. Owners, designers and developers are attracted by precast and prestressed concrete superior durability, sustainability, fire resistance and sound-control.

High-strength precast concrete components are cast under controlled conditions in the PACADAR's plants. When precast concrete elements are prestressed, concrete is cast around highly tensioned pretensioning strands that run through the steel forms. After the concrete has cured, the pretensioning force is released into the beam placing the concrete in compression.

Prestressed slabs and beams are virtually crack-free and highly resistant to attack by chloride ions.

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