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In the field of major highways, Grupo PACADAR has taken part in countless projects over the years. Nowadays, PACADAR has international presence across five continents, either directly with its own manufacturing plants and offices, or indirectly by means of partnerships with local companies.

Since its beginning in 1945, when Pacadar manufactured the first prestressed beam in the world for building the first bridge composed of a deck with prestressed beams, in Anoeta (San Sebastian, Spain), PACADAR has been present in numerous projects and has built bridges with isostatic and statically indeterminate beams, for curved and variable depth bridges. PACADAR has pioneered this field, not only as regards manufacture, but also assembly, thus combining its prefabrication capacity with the technical inventiveness for creating structural solutions.

Furthermore, PACADAR has worked with the most prestigious and experienced engineering companies around the globe.

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