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Over the years, and as a pioneer in the sector, PACADAR has developed countless precast concrete solutions for the construction of Metro and Railway lines. In this kind of works, the technology of precast concrete has a wide range of applications, especially due to its versatility, high mechanical and fire resistance, and high speed in construction.

Since its foundation, Grupo Pacadar has taken part, with its highly qualified technical staff, in major projects in the railway sector both in Spain and abroad and has actively contributed to the use of strong structures with a higher efficiency and safer features, thus promoting innovation and upgrading of a whole world-leading sector, such as the high-speed rail construction industry.

PACADAR has developed and manufactured structures for bridges, viaducts and tunnels which are currently part of metro and railway lines in several countries. These structures have met the requirements related to quality in design, calculation and manufacture of segments, beams, box girders and pier caps, as well as platforms and unique structures.

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