Bridges for High Speed Railway

Bridges for High Speed Railway
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Product Description

  • Decks for high speed railways made of precast beams that meet the strict specifications for this kind of bridge.

Main Characteristics

  • Broad range of use of different sections, span lengths and depths.
  • Decks can be built quickly.
  • Perfect for viaducts that have numerous spans.
  • Compliance with strict safety and comfort standards.

Types Of Structures Where It Can Be Used

  • Isostatic and statically indeterminate set-ups (U-beams). Medium and large span lengths.
  • Isostatic set-ups (double-T beams). Small span lengths.
  • Isostatic set-ups with ties between beams for direct stress (U-beams).
  • Frame-type set-ups (Slab-deck with CONDOR beams connected to side screens).

Main Applications

  • High speed train (AVE) bridges (platform measuring 14.00 m).
  • Conventional railway bridges with smaller platforms (RENFE and FEVE trains).


  • Structure that is quickly assembled, built and in operation.
  • Prefabricated solutions for any type of structure.
  • Building large viaducts in less time than using on-site solutions.

Construction Details

Typical prefabricated type for high speed train (AVE) bridge:

  • Composed of 2 separate 6.30-m U-beams.
  • Deck width measuring 14.00 m.
  • Span lengths of around 30.00 m.
  • Single supports (POT-type) at each end of the beam.
  • Solutions adaptable to any variation on the classic set-up.

Projects that have applied them

Sectors applying them

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