UGC Leisure Centre, Madrid

UGC Leisure Centre, Madrid

The project consists of a 4-level underground car park and 3 levels above ground level where a shopping centre and 20 cinema auditoria are located.

The car park was designed with a grid of 17.5 x 8.0 m, with a free span length under beams of 2.50 m, and 5.50 m for the aboveground levels.

To summarize, we could say that the structures consist of a statically indeterminate grid of beams, columns and hollow-core slabs for structural floor, with a total height of 41.50 m, so it was necessary to use elements weighing between 7.0 and 82.0 t. The perimeter enclosure was made with 20 cm thick, smooth, grey, lightweight concrete panels, which were all attached to the columns.

Project Data

  • Client: Ute Manoteras (FATECSA S.A -BMT PARKING S.A)
  • Owner: UGC Cinecité
  • Year of completion: 2006
  • Contract value: €5,500,000
  • Products provided: beams, columns and hollow-core slabs

Solutions applied

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