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Pacadar UK begins production for Thames Valley Viaduct

Pacadar UK begins production for Thames Valley Viaduct
  • Monday, 29 May 2023

The factory that Pacadar has on the Isle of Grain in Kent, United Kingdom, has begun production of the 68 piers that will form part of the Thames Valley Viaduct, owned by HS2 Ltd and whose construction has been awarded to EKFB (Eiffage, Kier, Ferrovial and BAM Nuttall).

It is one of the 15 viaducts included in sections C2 and C3, which are part of the high-speed line project, known as HS2 and which, once completed, will link the 225 kms that separate London from Birmingham.

On-site factories

In addition to the 68 42-tonne precast piers, the Pacadar UK factory will also produce the 72 97t-beams that make up the viaduct.

The tunnels wall segments for HS2’s tunnels are currently manufactured at these same facilities.

PACADAR also has a system of mobile factories, which, when installed next to or close to the construction site, reduces execution time, cost and logistics compared to local manufacturers whose production facilities are located in distant places.


For this project, Pacadar has applied the lessons learned in high-speed projects carried out in Spain since 1988, thus reducing the number of structural elements originally planned.

Initially, the project was designed so that the beams were secured together above each of the piers with a concrete diaphragm which was cast in situ. However, for this project, the solution of using box beams joined on the lintels was considered, so that the beams transmit the forces without the need for the construction "in situ" of the concrete diaphragm, which considerably reduces the execution time, the amount of concrete and consequently, the cost of the work.

Additionally, the PACADAR solution uses beams with a larger section, thus reducing the number of installed beams in half, with the consequent savings in transportation and installation.


This reduction in the structural elements means a decrease in the carbon footprint and has made it possible to reduce road transport by trucks, by applying solutions that require only half the structures than those originally planned.

Benefits for the community and talent management

In addition to the environmental benefits, this project has also benefited the community, creating jobs for qualified personnel and has generated different opportunities for young people, such as professional internship programs and hiring recent graduates from nearby universities, thanks to the collaboration programs between Pacadar and the different universities.

Pacadar in UK

Pacadar UK began its activities in the United Kingdom in 2017 with the award of the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. Since then, Pacadar UK has maintained a permanent presence in the country where it has carried out several projects related to the HS2 such as the Long Itchington Wood Tunnel among others.

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