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Tideway visits Pacadar UK at Thamesport

Tideway visits Pacadar UK at Thamesport
  • Wednesday, 03 April 2019

Roger Bailey, Tideway CHIEF TECHNICAL OFFICER, visited last January, PACADAR UK’s facilities, located at Thamesport Isle of Grain, to see first hand the manufacturing of the precast tunnel segments which will help to build up London’s super sewer. (https://www.tideway.london/).

PACADAR UK, subsidary Company of PACADAR, are manufacturing the precast concrete segments that will make up the lining for the central section of the Thames Tideway Tunnel. With its 12.7 km in length, it is the longest section in the super sewer, a vital piece of infrastructure for the British capital. PACADAR U.K. is accomplishing the high-quality standards required for success in this challenging project, which aims to reconnect London with the River Thames.

pacadar uk in thamesport segments

The lining configuration is made up of 7,044 rings with a total precast concrete volume of 114,000 m3 and manufacturing started in January 2017. Once the ramp up period was completed, PACADAR U.K. is manufacturing an average rate of 15-16 rings a day with our carousel system.

Steel Fibers Concrete Rings consists of 8 block segments (5 standard segments+2 counter key segments+1 key segment). Its dimensions are: 7.80 m inside diameter, 8.50 m outside diameter, 35cm thickness and 1.80 m width.

We feel very proud to announce that this week we have already manufactured the ring number 2.700.

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