Storm Water Tank in Butarque, Madrid (Spain)

Storm Water Tank in Butarque, Madrid (Spain)
  • Sector: Others

The tank measures 25.50 x 78.00 m, that is, it has a capacity of 20.000 m².The cover structure consists of columns of 11.50 m in height, 60x100 m rectangular beams and a hollow-core slab of 40 cm in depth. The most cost-effective grid, taking into account the loads borne by the cover, measured 8.50x8.50 m.

The total depth of the slabs used was 48 cm, including 8 cm of compression layer.

To anchor the columns, a foundation slab was produced and provided with sheathing where starter bars protruding from the column were embedded, and then the assembly was filled in with non-shrinkage mortar.

Project Data

  • Client: FCC Construcción S.A
  • Owner: Canal de Isabel II
  • Year of completion: 2008
  • Contract value: €1,100,000

Solutions applied

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  • English (UK)