Elevated metro, L9, Barcelona (Spain)

Elevated metro, L9, Barcelona (Spain)
  • Sector: Railways

Section of Elevated Metro in the area of Zona Franca in Barcelona (Spain), specifically Line 9 of the section between C/Motors and Zona Franca Zal, where every train runs within the beams. The design has the advantage of enabling the integration of stations. Every beam can cover an isostatic span without the lifting and transportation means being very restrictive, so a span section (two beams) can be assembled in one working day.

A 2.15 km elevated viaduct was built on the central reservation of the street Calle A in Zona Franca, affecting traffic as shown in the picture below.

Project Data

  • Client: UTE L9 VIADUCTE
  • Owner: TMB
  • Year of completion: 2007
  • Contract value: €8,500,000
  • Products provided: isostatic and statically indeterminate U-beams
  • Precast volume: 11,100 m³
  • Deck: 23,240 m3

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