Railway Branch Line Castellbisbal / Papiol - Mollet - Sant Fost (Spain)

Railway Branch Line Castellbisbal / Papiol - Mollet - Sant Fost (Spain)
  • Sector: Railways

Pacadar took part in the construction of the railway branch line of Castellbisbal / Papiol - Mollet - Sant Fost, junction of Mollet Phase I (Barcelona, Spain).

A total of 5 railway structures with span lengths of up to 30 m were built. Three of them were double-T beams, one U-beam and another single-cell box girder. The maximum weight of the elements to be transported was of up to 160 t.

PACADAR supplied means for on-site unloading, so that a great amount of beams were stockpiled within the crane radius, which permitted a better assembly performance. The slabs for the double track viaduct were for a railway junction, which involved a high geometric complexity.

Project Data

  • Owner: ADIF
  • Year of completion: 2010
  • Contract value: €3,700,000
  • Products provided: U-beams, box girders and slabs for double-track viaduct
  • Precast volume: 6,000 m³

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